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About the Artwork

Lot No : 15
Medium : Charcoal on garware polyester film translucent paper, single matt
Size : 29 x 22 in
Provenance: The Artist
Year Of Painting : 2022
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About the Artist

C. Bhagyanath received his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (painting) from the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, in 1992. Following this, the artist went on to study at the Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Communication in Hyderabad, where he received his Master's degree in the same subject in 2006. Bhagyanath's works focus on human psychology; man being equipped with the psychological ability to experience peace, disturbance, isolation and being in collusion with each other. He explores the foundation of man's experience, which is either the unity or conflict of the body and mind, and the occasional realization that he is not physically alone. His works delve into states of being where the mind, having attained refinement, engages in constant dialogue with the body, and sometimes enters into conflict. The works in Bhagyanath Cs Secret Dialogue series are an attempt at seeing such moments. These drawings can also be seen as partial self-portraits. They are products of self- examination and the desire to understand the self.

The Annual Monsoon Show, Mumbai , 2022