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In a country with such a vast collection of traditional and folk art forms, they barely receive the exposure and patronage they require to stay relevant. Art for Concern’s Traditional and Folk Art exhibitions attempt to showcase these indigenous art forms and artists, and ensure that their legacy endures.

The show brings together traditional art from across India, giving a window of exposure to the dying forms that represent the fascinating folklore of each region. Here you will find terracotta plaques unique to Molela, a small village on the banks of the Banas, next to Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh. Madhya Pradeshi Gond works hang beside striking Chola bronzes from Tamil Nadu, Phads and Pichwais from Rajasthan, Mata ni Pachedis from Gujarat and Kalighat paintings from theEast.

The approach is therefore to represent Indian folk and tribal art on a prominent scale, with exhibitions held in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai each year. It is a lucrative endeavour for the artists, who receive a mutually agreed upon portion of the sales; and getting the opportunity to showcase their work in a prominent gallery space with access to a range of buyers they would not otherwise be able to tap.