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Viraj Khanna (West Bengal)

About Artist

.Growing up surrounded by art, especially textiles and embroidery has helped me develop a certain aesthetic when it comes to the way I see and create things. Embroidery work and textile involves putting different materials, fabrics and and other elements together to express certain feelings, perceptions or visions. Transmuting to paintings, sculptures and collages has been somewhat a liberating space where similar concepts and philosophies can be expressed in a totally different architecture. I have always believed that creativity is not inborn, it's something you work on and get better the more you try. So I have never been intimidated by working with new materials and spaces. I started out with collage work, where I cut up pieces of magazines, articles, encyclopedias and things around me to create objects or images of meaning. Gradually I moved onto more sculptural forms with the base idea emerging from the original collage work. The work depicts a discontinuity in the flow of things, of how imperfection runs deep in the core of everyday lives....The human condition is always striving towards ‘perfection’ per se, and we pointlessly spend our time trying to build a life where we seem invulnerable.