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Travelling the worlds

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About the Artwork

Lot No : 11
Medium : Watercolours, Acrylic on canvas
Size : 24 inch x 48 inch
Provenance: The Artist
Year Of Painting : 2023
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About the Artist

Claire was born in 1969 in Paris. She has been living in India, Tamil Nadu, in the international township of Auroville, for the last 13 years. Her art is an expression of the unfolding of her inner journey. Claire was initially trained in Fine Arts in France by a Bauhaus painter. Later, she was trained in the Japanese painting technique Sumi-e, which had a profound impact on her development as an artist; She uses tempera with wash technique as used in Indian traditional ancient arts and watercolors and ink as used in different Asian ancient techniques.

The Winter Edit 2023, Mumbai