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Chittara (Karnataka)

About Art Form

The folk art form of Karnataka,are drawings of intricate patterns, that represent the auspicious ceremony and rituals of life, symbolized in geometric patterns. This requires a certain understanding of ratios and proportions, which the women of the community have been using with great dexterity. This folk art was and still is a part of their day-to-day life. It was never a profession, but a practice that has artistic and socio-cultureal value, the paintings are usually 2-3 feel in size aesthetically refined, made of symbols representing their physical environment. They use eco-friendly natural resources like ground rice paste for white colour, roasted rice for black, yellow seeds (Gurige_ red earth and the brushes are made up of Pundi Naaru. For women of the Deevaru community Chittara painting are a source of great joy, beauty and creativity. They are proud of their tradition, socially bonded and culturally integrated by unique customs and ritualistic practices.