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Nilima Sheikh (Gujarat)

About Artist

Born in New Delhi, Sheikh studied history at Delhi University from 1962 to 1965, and received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University of Baroda in 1971. A student of K. G. Subramanyan, Sheikh originally trained in Western-style oil painting and later transitioned to a self-taught miniature painter due to her interests in historical traditions of painting in Asia. Her practice has embraced various kinds of painting, from the hand-held miniature to the construct at an architectural scale, and from conventionally hung paintings to scrolls and screens for the theatre stage. Her solo exhibitions include Terrain: 'Carrying Across, Leaving Behind', Gallery Chemould, Mumbai (2017) and 'Each night put Kashmir in your dreams',The Art Institute of Chicago (2014). Her works based on the turmoil of life in the Kashmir valley and on women are on display in the fourth edition of the Kochi Biennale, 2018. The artist lives and works in Vadodara.