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N S Manohar (Tamil Nadu)

About Artist

Having completed his education in Govt College of Arts and Crafts in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. Artist N. S. Manohar's work present themes that include rural sites, linear figure compositions, as well as domestic animals, especially goats. Thin transparent layers of watercolor is used to achieve a realistic style evoking moods and emotions. Hailing from a small village in Tamil Nadu, India customs and rituals sparked off Manohar's early works. He has done a series featuring the simple goat as the main element. Sheer layers of watercolors grace the canvas, making the figures in his works seem as though they are appearing from smoke. Not giving much importance to facial features of the people or animals that he portrays, the artist conveys all that he wishes to, just through the element of 'line'. Strong and bold strokes of color - generally monotone - fly across the canvas showcasing his command over the brush. A trained watercolour artist he enjoys working with many transparent layers of colours which evoke the myriad moods and emotions from the scene before him. Manohar grew up absorbing domestic ways of life of particularly Brahmins. A lot of his works portray their observations from his early life. The artist feels that as humans we all have pre-conceived notions about an everyday object. He aims to challenge this preconceived notion of recognition and memory by displacing and recontextualising familiar objects.