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Janhavi Sharma (Maharashtra)

About Artist

Janhavi Sharma graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Modern and Contemporary Indian Art and Curatorial Studies from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum (2018) and a Bachelors in Mass Media from HR College, Mumbai (2014.) She has exhibited in a group show at Pepper House, Kochi (2015) and took part in a travel/art residency called 'The Roadtrip Experience Project,' Sri Lanka (2016). Janhavi has been freelancing as an artist/illustrator since 2016. Janhavi Sharma explores the idea of herself as composed of elements from nature. She uses minimal line work, to draw surreal images of people interacting with and being transformed by nature. She uses butterfly wings, dragonflies, leaves, seeds, soil, stones, seashells and everything that she has been collecting since she was a child, and weaves these elements in her sketches; exploring how the smallest changes can alter her stories entirely. With the use of simple semiotics, the artist engages with the cultural contexts of these natural elements, and attempts to redefine herself in perspective. Soaking herself in nature; becoming a humbling, minuscule, insignificant element of nature itself. Most of her work is self-representational, and she draws from her own memories of her isolate moments with nature, reflecting a calm and floral interiority. "Dandelions 1 & 2" is a story of migrating people as migrating seeds. It is about scattered growth, it is about peace and solitude with oneself. It reflects the impermanence of people, lives and stories in an autobiographic depiction of the artist's life.