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G. Reghu (Kerala)

About Artist

Sculptor G. Reghu was born in 1959 in Kilimanoor , Kerala. His initial use of stone as a medium saw a gradual shift in preference over the years. A strong influence exerted by Gandhian sensibilities played a key role in Reghu’s eventual use of indigenous materials like terracotta. A student at Bharat Bhavan, Reghu’s talent caught the eye of artist Jagdish Swaminathan - who awarded him a 2 year scholarship. Originally a potter , Reghu abandoned this form and opted for sculptures. The merging of the 2 forms is extremely evident in Reghu’s sculptures - the curves of a pot fluidly merged with the contours of the human head. A fusion of Dravidian and African facial elements - his works have a tribal feel to them representative of an ancient civilization. The artist’s agricultural background coupled with his Gandhian way of life have deeply influenced his works. The artist lives and works in Bangalore.