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Arvind Sundar (Tamil Nadu)

About Artist

Arvind completed his Masters from University of Cincinnati, USA(2018). He attained a Prior Degree course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA (2016) and Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication, Loyola College, Chennai (2014). He has held solo shows at the 840 Gallery, Cincinnati (2016/2017/2018) and several group shows at the CholamandalArtist Village, Chennai (2019), ThunderskyInc, Cincinnati, USA (2018 and 2019), Secret Artworks, Cincinnati (2018), Carnegie Art Center, Covington, Kentucky, USA (2018), WavepoolGallery, Cincinnati (2018), Pivot, Myers and Reed Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA (2017), Homage to Hassan Sharif, Dubai, UAE (2017), Modern makers, Cincinnati (2016), Hyper local, Chicago, Illinois (2016), Creature comforts, SAIC, Illinois (2016). Arvind currently lives and works in Chennai, India. In this series of collage drawings, Arvind is fabricating a lyrical space constructing and deconstructing color and line. The grid is a central element in his painting practice. The construction-deconstruction process is centered around the formality of the grid which reinforces the innate flatness of the painting. As he introduces a gradient into the format of the grid, it creates a push and pull challenging the flatness of the grid. This push and pull technique is accompanied by the curved lines and diagonals that reinvents the already existing space of the grid and the gradient. These works tend to create such lyrical spaces with the limited visual lexicons as poetry does with words. Arvind’s series of paintings are based on photographs of grids taken around Mumbai. Being immersed in a very gridded topology of the US, moving to India was a sudden shift for him. The weird geometries and topology of Mumbai forced him to reposition his view on grids. The paintings are made on found fabric (Burlap) which has a very pronounced grid. The paintings act like a palimpsest of new grids emerging on top of the existing ones. It stands as a metaphor of how the physical and psychological geometries of metropolises change from time to time.