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  • Inferring from Our Existence (Edition 2/5)
  • Untitled I (Edition - 1/5)
Anirudh Acharya (Tamil Nadu)

About Artist

Anirudh has a PhD in Mathematics (2014-2018) and a MSc. Gravity, Particles and Fields (2012-2015) from the University of Nottingham. While there, he was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence and the Developing Solutions Scholarship. He has been featured in the New Journal of Physics for two consecutive years, 2016-2017. He has earlier worked with APL Global, a Cambridge board school in Chennai to develop, design and formulate science projects that encourage semi-independent investigations by school children. His surreal work in the digital medium is about an internal environment and personal discovery, which is heavily influenced by his interest in Indian philosophy, and elements of home - the moon often symbolizing this influence. He currently lives and works in Chennai. Anirudh’s work has a surreal quality to its narration - a story unfolding out in the open, with no definitive beginning or end. The untitled pieces are from the ‘Black Figure’ series. ‘Untitled I’ evokes a sense of loneliness and longing.