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Aditi Kashyap (Maharashtra)

About Artist

Aditi is currently pursuing her BFA in Fine Arts from the Paris College of Art. (2015-2020). She has exhibited her works namely; Water Ritual (performance), Tsunami (performance), Fuck Jacket (fashion item)s in the year 2017 in Paris. She has also collaborated with Yazmeen Baz for a performance in Paris (2017). She has featured her works such as The Death of Old Art (2018), Makeup ritual (2018), Rosque Untitled Zine (2018) and Death Mask (2017) for Instagram. She has also worked as Art Director (2018) for Rosque, in Paris. Aditi’s work titled ‘Garden’ is an abstract expressionist piece created with monotypes of bold shapes and forms depicting a garden. ‘Red Rain’ is an abstract expressionist piece made with leftover red paint on found canvas.